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New Budget Proposal – What do YOU think?

Written on: May 5th, 2011 in Effective & Efficient Government

Just like families at kitchen tables across Delaware, our state has had to make tough choices to keep our budget balanced. We’ve made clear what matters most: getting families back to work and ensuring kids have a better shot at success.

Because our economy has shown signs of recovery, we have seen increases in some sources of state revenue.

This week, we proposed a three-part jobs proposal called Building Delaware’s Future Now that views those funds as a one-time chance to invest responsibly in our state’s core priorities of increasing jobs, opportunity and education.

Part One: The “Building Delaware’s Future” Fund

We propose putting people directly to work rebuilding some of Delaware’s eroding assets. The Building Delaware’s Future Fund will also give us a better chance to attract new employers and support major expansions by existing employers.

Part Two: Responsible Tax and Debt Reductions

We also propose taking this opportunity to strengthen our state’s core employers – small business, finance and manufacturing – through responsible tax reductions.

In keeping with our state’s reputation for fiscal responsibility, we also propose to allocate some of this one-time revenue to debt reduction.

Energizer Personal Care-Playtex manufacturing facility in Dover

Part Three: Investing in Our Children

Education is critical to improving our economic future.

With so much already invested in improving our K-12 public schools, the plan targets investments to improve early childhood education to make sure our next generation enters school ready to succeed.

Early Education Announcement

To help provide new jobs skills for those who have completed their K-12 education, we are also proposing investments to expand research and job training facilities at our three major institutions of higher learning. These projects will also put Delawareans to work building the facilities.

This commitment would help keep our workforce competitive in an increasingly global economy.

To learn more about the plan and tell us what you think, please visit

Thank you!

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