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Support Jobs, Gun Safety, Civil Unions and Our Sister State

Written on: April 8th, 2011 in Effective & Efficient GovernmentJob Creation

A store owner who wants to expand and put people to work.

A father’s pain from losing a daughter to gun violence and his resolve to protect other families from the same horror.

A loving family that wants the same protections other families have for their spouses and children.

Three critical fights we need your help to win, and one critical call – to help Delaware’s sister state of Miyagi, Japan – we need your help to answer.

New Job Creation Credit

Employers will find a more engaged partner in Delaware’s state government under the New Job Creation Credit proposal that rewards companies for putting people back to work.

“We now have about two hundred employees in this location alone, which serves thousands of Delawareans a week. This expanded approach should help other business owners decide to invest in their own growth as well.”
-Bernie Kenney, ShopRite

Bernie Kenny, President of ShopRite Delaware

Common-Sense Gun Safety

Lives are at stake. Despite efforts by out-of-state special-interest groups to stop these responsible measures, we will not be silenced in this fight.

Responsible Gun Safety MeasuresAfter their children were shot during the tragedy at Virginia Tech, Peter Read and Andy Goddard committed themselves to fighting gun violence.

They came to Delaware to make clear that our four gun safety proposals – which received strong support from local law enforcement – are common-sense measures needed to combat gun violence.

Watch the powerful testimonial of Virginia Tech fathers in Delaware.

Fight for Civil Unions Not Over

What’s this bill about? It’s about opportunity. It’s about rights . . .  and it is about time.

Loving families deserve legal protections, but the lack of a civil union option in Delaware denies those rights to so many. The fight in the legislature to expand those protections is underway.

The bill has passed the Senate and is on the way to the House. It’s not over yet. See why I support the bill on YouTube.

You’re Invited!

Our Sister State in Japan, Miyagi, is the area hardest hit by the earthquake and tsunami. The people of Delaware have been building meaningful relationships – business to business, student to student, family to family – with Miyagi for two decades.

They need our help now. Here are some things you can do:

Special thanks to event sponsors: Dover Downs, The News Journal, and Delmarva Broadcasting Company.

Delmarva Broadcasting CompanyNews Journal

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