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Thank You to Our Firefighters and EMS Teams

Written on: February 23rd, 2010 in Helping Our Neighbors

Delaware’s firefighters and emergency medical services personnel saved lives and risked their own throughout the state.  The Ladies Auxiliary teams provided essential support to transportation crews and police officers, as well as firefighters and EMTs.  Here are a few of the notes that I received thanking these brave men and women:

Heather Johnson in Long Neck wrote about her experience with the Mid Sussex Rescue Squad and the Sussex County Paramedics, and asked us to thank “these volunteers from all stations across the State for their hard work and time that they gave to ensure that all patients received the proper care. These individuals do not get paid to do what they do and spent days fighting the wind and snow to shovel out the ambulance when it was stuck and shovel people out of their houses to get them to the hospital.”

From Tricia Saunders: In the best, and most importantly, the worst of times, the guys of the Memorial Fire Company of Slaughter Beach are always there for us and the surrounding communities. During the storms they are constantly keeping the roads opened… With the last storm they even plowed out driveways and mailboxes. They don’t get paid for any of the services that they provide and they put in an incredible amount of hours to keep our town safe.”

From Catherine Simon in Smyrna: Some crews of firefighters and EMTs stayed at the firehouse for several consecutive days and nights in order to be readily and safely available for any emergencies in our area.  Our firefighters, during the off time when they weren’t out on calls, spent countless hours with plows attached to their personal pickup trucks digging out our town’s elderly, widowed, and others…  The Auxiliary members spent time preparing and serving meals to these men and women…  It was great to see everyone working together for the well-being and safety of the public.”

The Cheswold Fire Department helped essential staff members get to their posts at Brenford Residential Treatment Center.  Bryce Bunce wrote: “The fireman who did the transporting was humble and simply stated ‘that’s what we do, we’re here to serve the public.’  I appreciated their willingness to help and put themselves and their equipment at risk, their hospitality, humility, and positive attitude.”

Karen Lewis wrote to me about her experience with the Townsend Fire Company, which—in addition to rescuing others—had to overcome its own roof collapse:  “I am really thankful to the Townsend Fire Company, DelDOT plow workers, as well as numerous volunteers for their quick response during a medical emergency.  On Saturday evening, right after the record-breaking snow storm, my husband was having difficulty breathing, and was in extreme distress…I called 911 to request an ambulance and in record time they responded.  I was amazed at how quickly they were able to get to my house, especially under the circumstances…  It was remarkable as everyone combined their efforts to assist under these deplorable conditions.  Before you knew it, snow plows came and plowed a path for the ambulance, as well as plowed my driveway in order to get to my husband.  There were at least 10 volunteers that came and shoveled the walkway and several other volunteers that helped to get my husband into the ambulance as well as the paramedics. My husband is still recuperating and we are extremely thankful to the men and women that came to his rescue.


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