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If You Really Knew Kirk: How Delaware Kids Stand Up to Bullying

Written on: September 24th, 2011 in Education

Our kids are back to school – and as parents, we worry when they’re not around.  Across the country, many students, parents, and educators are concerned about bullying.  Bullies can make kids – and adults – feel weak.

But often, kids can surprise and inspire us with their strength, their passion, and their creativity.

To honor the memory of their classmate, John Sullivan, a team of middle school students at Kirk Middle School created “If You Really Knew Kirk.” Working together, the students created a program for their peers that confronted four issues: grief, acceptance, family and bullying.  You can learn more about John and his classmates here.

Now the students have come together again to tell their story by video.

Please take some time to watch it, share it and be inspired.

Watch on YouTube:

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