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Holiday Wishes for Jobs & Education

Written on: December 21st, 2010 in Education Job Creation

Marrying Innovation & Manufacturing

Our state has a long history as a cradle of innovation. A place where ideas can become products, products become new companies and companies help shape new industries.

We are working to make sure that this history isn’t just remembered – we’ve been putting policies in place and working together with employers, academics, nonprofits and others to ensure that innovation is the foundation of our future.

Signing the Clean Energy Jobs Act

One area with growth potential in both manufacturing and innovation remains clean technology. Around the world, people are getting to work creating and manufacturing products with both environmental and economic benefit. Delaware has key advantages that can help create real economic opportunity.

Read more here.

Involving Parents in Education

This week, we held the final 2010 Conversations About Stronger Schools meeting. It has been great to talk with so many parents, teachers, and other community leaders.

Conversations about Stronger Schools

There’s one question that has come up many times – through Twitter, Facebook, and through our town halls:

“How can we get more parents involved in education reform?”

To share your ideas and learn more about what we’re working on, please click here.

Happy Holidays!

I wish you a peaceful, safe and happy holiday season.
As we approach 2011, we hope you’ll share your ideas for how we can move forward together!

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