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Walk on the WILD Side of Volunteering

Written on: October 29th, 2011 in Helping Our Neighbors

The fall is a great time to be outside (probably not today though).  And…it’s always a great time to volunteer.  That’s why we asked Lynne Staub, our volunteer coordinator for the Division of Fish and Wildlife to tell us more about the incredible variety of volunteer opportunities they offer.


Lynne Staub, Division of Fish and Wildlife

Have you ever listened to frogs calling on a warm summer night, or gotten so close to Delaware’s shorebirds you could almost count their feathers? Have you ever had an opportunity to help restore wildlife habitat with a simple pair of loppers? Volunteer with DNREC’s Division of Fish and Wildlife and you’ll soon find yourself in the middle of exciting activities such as these and much more!

Volunteering with Birds!The Division is committed to the conservation and restoration of wildlife species and habitats, and to providing safe and enjoyable fishing, hunting and boating opportunities.  Volunteers play a key role by monitoring wildlife species, restoring native habitats and helping teach environmental education programs.

So if you want to come over to the WILD side of volunteering, DNREC offers plenty of programs to unleash your inner-environmentalist.

Just next month, the Division of Fish and Wildlife is looking for volunteers to help with three projects in state wildlife areas:

The Division of Fish & Wildlife’s volunteer activities range far and wide, covering fish and fowl and plenty in between.

  • Happily Volunteering with DNRECWant to do more toward helping wildlife? Check out the Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program, which include monitoring opportunities for frogs, shorebirds, piping plovers, osprey, bats and breeding birds.
  • Is education a little more up your alley? The Division is always looking for volunteers to assist with educational programming at the DuPont Nature Center near Milford, the Aquatic Resources Education Center on the Rt. 9 Greenway outside Smyrna, and with the hunter and boater education programs throughout the state.
  • Or just wanting to get outside a little and get moving? Why not sign up for a wildlife area project and help to maintain duck blinds and deer stands, plant trees, remove invasive plants, or keep an eye out for other restoration projects!

Speaking of restoration projects, click here for the calendar of upcoming volunteer opportunities and visit this page to see the broad range of activities. (Please note: there are some age restrictions). Please call ahead to register with contact information in case of inclement weather:  Lynne Staub at 302-735-3600 or

Do something wild and lively this fall,

and get outside with Fish & Wildlife!

Volunteer with DNREC!

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