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A Time To Celebrate Responsibly

Written on: March 19th, 2013 in Education

After a short break, the Legislature is back in session, which means an opportunity to spend more time in Dover and Legislative Hall.  Most recently, I had an opportunity to meet with several groups of high school students (and their parents) – including the undefeated, Division II State Championship football team from Caravel Academy and some of the best high school senior basketball players in Delaware, who were chosen to play in the BlueGold All-Star game. These young men and women were as gracious during our visit as they are talented in their extracurricular activities. And while I appreciate the opportunity to congratulate them for their achievements, more so I see these short visits as a chance to send a message I think all high school students, my son Michael included, should hear.

This is an exciting time for teens – spring break, prom season and the pending end to another school year are all top of mind. It’s a celebratory time for most and (as those who lived it can attest) a fleeting chance to enjoy the freedom that comes with being a kid. But teenagers often act as though they’re invincible, which means it’s our job – as parents, mentors and neighbors – to remind them they are not. It doesn’t mean they can’t have a great time – they absolutely should – but they should do so with this message in mind: Have a great time – but be careful, use common sense and remember people care about you and want to see you live a long, productive, successful life.

Like the others who come to visit in Dover, so many of our teens represent what makes our state great. I look forward to more meetings and more opportunities to hear of how each them is helping move Delaware forward.

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